Instant Hot with Electronics Cooling Water Dispenser

It provides hot or cold water immediately on demand. No more waiting, no more pacing across the kitchen. Its tankless design that connects directly to the water source.
- 3 Types of Water Volume Function
- 3 Step Hot Water Temperature Control Function
- Safety Child Lock

它根據需要立即提供熱水或冷水。 不再需要等待,不再需要在廚房裡踱步。 其無水箱設計可直接連接到水源。
- 3种水量功能
- 3档热水温度控制功能
- 安全童锁

A water dispenser is a device that provides a convenient and efficient way to dispense drinking water. It typically consists of a container or tank that holds a large volume of water, a cooling system to keep the water cold, and a faucet or spigot for easy access to the water. Some water dispensers also have a heating function to dispense hot water for making beverages like tea or coffee. They come in various sizes and designs, ranging from small countertop models for personal use to larger floor-standing units commonly found in offices, schools, or public places. Water dispensers can be connected to a water supply line or use bottled water as a source. They offer a practical solution for providing clean and refreshing drinking water in homes, workplaces, and other communal areas.

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